Do you have return clients? We do… here’s why:
1. We never let our clients fall off our radar…there is a fine line between bothering and following up. It pays to show up on their radar from time to time, i.e. asking for feedback on their purchase, or simply offering another service or product at a discounted rate.
2. Personalization is what we do best. We personalize our clients’ offices, yes. We also are quick to respond to questions and concerns promptly, whether the prospective lead buys from us or not. Every email and/or phone call is returned with that client’s needs in mind.
3. We provide continued support without pressuring them to buy. We have two regular clients who bring their orders to us… we are THEIR go-to for displays, no arguments about it. They’ve acted as an advocate for Optical Outfitter, speaking about their great experiences with us to their peers have benefited us phenomenally. Our clients trust us and they’re not afraid to tell others.
4. We offer custom heirloom quality furniture at a price point that any client can afford. We’re able to do this because of our solid relationship with our partner in production, Grand Valley Wood Products.
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